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Investing in massage, is an investment in your health.


Medical research has shown that the benefits of massage include pain relief, reduced trait anxiety and depression and temporarily reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and state of anxiety.

.Schedule your appointment and get away for a little while.. We offer 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions in the following:


SPAball™ Massage



Not Just a Revitalizing Massage; It’s an Empowerment Program.


The SPAball™ Massage nurtures and improves the condition of your muscles, and revitalizes your autonomic nervous system into a state of deep relaxation.

    And it doesn’t stop with just a “great massage” — It also includes the patented SPAball Kaddy™, Golf Ball, and a Guide for your health empowerment at your home, office, or while traveling.



Remarkably therapeutic, deeply relaxing, and essential to help golfers stay flexible and injury free. It combines smooth compression strokes with the therapist's hands and forearms, deep trigger point and cross-fiber work with the SPAball Kaddy™ and golf ball, as well as essential stretches that every golfer needs to stay in top form.

Includes a SPAball Kaddy™ for self-care to use between your massage services.



This is a must have massage for anyone who craves deeper than normal pressure in strategic trouble spots. Our enhanced therapeutic massage combines smooth strokes as well as deep trigger point and cross-fiber work with the SPAball Kaddy™ and golf ball.

Includes a SPAball Kaddy™ for self-care to use between your massage services.



This massage is deeply relaxing as well as very effective in soothing tense and stressed muscles. It combines calming Swedish strokes with gentle cross-fiber work with the SPAball Kaddy™ and golf ball to increase circulation in tired muscles.

Includes a SPAball Kaddy™ for self-care to use between your massage services.


Signature Massage

This is a massage that is custom to YOUR body's needs, using several of the modalities listed below. The BEST investment in feeling better!

Swedish Massage Therapy

  Use long smooth strokes, kneading,  and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using massage lotion or  oil.

Deep Tissue Massage

 – Used for chronically tight or painful  muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury.

Trigger Point Therapy

 – Involves deactivating trigger points  that may cause local pain and other sensations such as headaches. Manual  pressure or other treatment is applied to relieve myofascial pain.

Sports Massage

 For ultimate performance enhancement,  injury prevention and muscle recovery. Improves flexibility and range of  motion. Beneficial before and after events,


  A science base on the principle that reflexes  in the feet relate to organs, glands and all body parts.

Pregnancy Massage

  A soothing massage can help your  pregnancy discomforts and enhances emotional well-being of mother and fetus.  Please discuss with your doctor and obtain a written release before your  appointment.

Traditional Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  Smooth heated basalt  stones are incorporated through the massage – melting through tension and  profoundly soothing the sprit.

Chair Massage

 Person seated in a ergonomically  designed chair receives neck, back and shoulder massage. Great for stress  reduction, productivity enhancement and sore muscle relief.


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Ear Piercing

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